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Geno from Reno

Olinghouse Mine,NV

Years ago,mid 80's,I built the tailings ponds for the Olinghouse mine and ended going to work at the mine as the crusher operator. Gilbert Western was the Company, which is a subsiderary of Peter Kewit.

At that time the Smiths had some interest and owned part of it and there were people still living there. Travis Smith was one of them. I went to visit him one day and he showed me one of the most beautiful gold lace nuggets I have ever seen. He found it maybe 20ft. in front of his cabin.

Being the crusher operator I was able to see the clean up of the jiggs they were using and was amazed at the high grade they were getting. Nuggets, wire, and lace abounded. It was awsome.

GPAA has a claim on the other side of the mountain and the wife and I went to have a look and get samples to bring home. We went to the mine first and alot of the cabins were gone and the mine was shut down. Went to the GPAA claim and found some color. Just wished I had a detector, because I have seen first hand what's around there. Should have my detector in a week or so and plan to go back.

Has anyone been beeping around Olinghouse and how did you do?

I just went to the top of my list.

Thanks for the info Geno.

This is a perfect example of why these forums are so great for the small time prospectors.

More, More, lets hear it all.

Thanks again
Geno from Reno

Hi Dirty Steve,
I'm an Operating Engineer Local #3. Dozer hand. I've worked a few mines in my day.After working Olinghouse mine I used to rockhound the area and as I did I always thought there had to be more of that High Grade close by.
Not sure if I was exactly on the GPAA claim but we drove up one of the canyons that we saw old tailing piles and I got to one that was a drift mine.I starting walking to the tailings pile and thought I found big gold. I was in shock. But after lookig over the ground it was all over. PYRITE,yeah I got fooled all right.
I didn't go in the drift because the front had sluffed off and there wasn't any shoring in it, but someone has been working it recently it appeared.
I am going to go back as soon as I get my new detector. Wish someone would step up to the plate and go with me and teach me how to use the detector I'm going to get.
Anyone interested?

What kind "Brand", etc. of detector are you getting???

Wow, a guided tour, all you have to do is show him how to run the detector!
That's one place where it might pay to run a vlf if the mineralization is not too high. With lots of wire gold there may be something that the pi detectors could have passed over.

Geno from Reno

Be'ins I go all over the desert every chance I get I want a versatile machine and think I'm going for the MXT. Yeah, thats the one for me to start with. I've found so much old stuff without a detector, I can just imagine what I'll find with one.
I have tons of places I want to go back to and alot of old mines right here at the house. A detector is going to keep me busy for years.

Hi Geno and Everett, Found this on another forum. I dont know if this info is dated, but it sounds like there are, or were some crankey people out there at Olinghouse.
Geno from Reno

Thanks wes,
BLM is working on the mine reclamation. There are lots of no trespassing signs around the mine but you can go all over the moutians there. The lady in the forum you posted maybe over exadurating a bit. There is a group of people whating to restore what's left of the old camp. Which is fine.
I personally don't believe a shot gun was pulled on anyone. If they did, those people weren't where they were supposed to be and probably was warned more than once.
Always 2 sides of the story and I think the lady has an agenda. After working in the mine and seeing the gold first hand and just looking at the moutain range there, you can just tell there is lots more.GPAA'S claim is 160 acres alone.
I forgot to mention that one of the guys I worked with at the Gooseberry Mine was getting gold out of the Truckee River, which is a good 10 miles down from Olinghouse.

Thanks for the update Geno. I'd like to get out that way when the weather cools off.
Reno Chris

The gold at Olinghouse can be good sized but is wiry and is like steel wool made of gold instead of steel. The nuggets are pretty, but are not very solid. These are just the kind of nuggets that are "invisible" or hard to detect with a Minelab PI. Yep there are about a jillion claims up there - hard to find land you can legally prospect on. Dont just assume that if you cant see a claim post its open - there will be a 99% chance you are wrong.

There was a murder out at Olinghouse in the early 1980s. There are also a bunch of cranky folks squatting out at Hooterville which is nearby. Just be careful.

Also there is no gold in the Truckee River - maybe your friend got some colors up around the Gooseberry or picked up some mica in the Truckee, but there is no gold.


Olinghouse Claim Pictures

I pulled these off of the BLM site just to give an idea of the claims in the area.
The first one shows the ACTIVE claims.
The second one shows the CLOSED claims.
The third one shows the NAMES of the active claims.

Just to give an idea. It would take much more research to track down the open areas in each section.
The cross roads at the ghost town of Olinghouse is, from the SW corner, 3 sections to the right & 2 1/2 up.




I would suspect that some of the CLOSED claims might be re-claimed by the open one's. Most of the ones I looked at where lode type which do not follow the normal grid like a placer. Lots of overlap sometimes with lode claims.

Hope this helps.

Here's a map from usgs with some of the old claims in the area.


Right under the posting window where you write it say's
"Add image to post" in brown letters.
I think everyone misses it at first. It has to be 2 mg's or less.
Geno from Reno

Thanks for posting the maps.Tremendous help. You guys know your way around these computers as well.
We're all going to have to get together some day soon. We're starting to get some really good info in this forum and want to thank everyone that is particepating here.

Thanks Everett, I would have never saw that.

my dad was the foreman at the goose for 5 years and he brought home some samples that are incredible. he picked them off the ground next to the old mill.


Good read on Olinghouse here:

Olinghouse Ore

New member here. Thought I'd post a photo of a nugget/piece of ore found a little north of Olinghouse Canyon. About 5 yrs ago I had permission to hunt for a few hours. Access was difficult and permission was just for that day. For that reason I haven't been back and is also the reason for giving a location.

The left hand nugget is a 5 grammer from Rye Patch. The right from Olinghouse. Both found with White's GMT. As Reno Chris described, the Goldmasters' think they are both nuggets. The MineLab GPX thinks the left is a nugget but not the right.


Geno from Reno

Hi aurover,
Sounds like the Whites is a better machine for the Olinghouse area.

Lower Olinghouse Placers has just been claimed up by Fernley Gold. So the whole area is going to be tough to get into.

Between BLM reclaimation project,Fernley Gold and all the other claims, the only option I see is being a GPAA member which has 160 acres of steep mountain terrain.

Here's a little Olinghouse Gold:

Going through my gold looking for a pendant piece, happened to put the ore piece from above under magnification. It looks a very much like your post when magnified. Never realized that.

Too bad we have to keep everything in a safety deposit box. Don't always have ready access and photos don't show enough.



Olinghouse Mine,NV

........and another shot............

Hey Bigfoot is this your latest piece. Very nice pic. Thanks for showing it.

wanna raffle it?

Olinghouse Mine,NV

Hey Chip & Rehab,
I wish I could take the credit of finding this one....but I'm to darn honest...thanks to all those strict Irish nuns wrapping my knuckles with thier steel rullers way back when in Catholic school days...(yyyeeeouch!!!I didnt know GOD was so PAINFULL!I now worship at the "church of Bigfoot" thank you very much!This way i dont feel guilty whenever I find gold!lol).
Rehab,I could ask the finder of that specimen "if" your serious about a purchase...but I dont think he's gonna part with it.Theres a lot of Olinghouse AU out there for sale if you look.

yeah, I have seen some muestras, and they all are fabulous. I just put in the part about a raffle only because I am a cheap B... not really, it's just that right now, the soul is willing but the wallet is skinny. There are a lot of posters putting up some really good specimens of Northern NV gold.
I have some similar looking stuff I picked up out of hawthorne. What kills me though is picking up some rock and pitching it into the truck, and then some other day while looking at it, find something of real interest, but not able to remember where I got it. If I can remember (like the nice greenstone rock I picked up on the beach of Victoria Island, with plenty of visible gold, after I got it home and whacked the piece with a hammer) it's too far away to go back and look some more.
I think my hawthorne stuff came from the hills around Bodie, Masonic, or Aurora, but can't be sure. It seemed to be mine next to a military reservation (Mt. Grant). Memory sucks when you can't remember the stuff that is important, but instead your head is filled up with useless garbage that you can't get out

Olinghouse Mine,NV

Do you have a wife that works at that military base in Hawthorne?This isnt the infamous "Gary" is it?If its not......I apollogize Rehab!

no not me. some other yoyo [self implied] on rehab perhaps.

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