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Geno from Reno

Seven Troughs,NV.

I've been in the Seven Troughs area several times, but not sure if I was in the right spot. I've done some reading on the mines there and that was a real rich area. Then the flash flood came through with bus size boulders and wiped out 3 mining camps in the canyon.
The mines never recouperated after that for some reason, but I'll bet a guy could find something there. The roads are good and think I can get my RV trailer back there. What's nice about the area is NO ONE IS THERE.
I've been back there half a dozen times and never seen a soul out there. I did find an old miners shovel, no handle of coarse.

Ok, you've got me looking over the maps here, the map that comes with "Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada" lists the estimated placer production from Olinghouse at around 2,000 oz. and Seven Troughs at about 250 oz.


Seven Troughs Detecting Story

Here is a story that will make your mouth water about 7 Troughs & Metal Detecting.

I have been up there also, but didn't take the time to detect. Just drove the big loop up to the top. What a view.
I was on my way to Sawtooth to do some detecting, but I do plan to go back the next time I'm out there.
Geno from Reno

Dirty Steve,
You sure do your home work. They did have a good trip, but they aren't the only success story for 7T area. I have read several stories of great finds there. I can hardly wait for my turn.

Not sure where admin got his figures but seems to me they are low figures from what I've read. I could be wrong though. When I personally saw 100"s of POUNDS of gold come out of the jiggs, I can't see 2000 oz. being an accurate number.

I have the book Rex was quoting out of. I think it just refers to placer deposits, not hard rock. That might be the reason for the low number's.

I know the 7 Troughs had Electrum deposits as the main source, but there was a placer deposit in the canyon / road on the east side going up. It the one that the flood came down. It is now full of trash and would be a real SOB to detect in.

When I went through there I did see some fairly new equipment on claims about 2/3's of the way up. But it is a big area. You could detect there for a month and not scratch the surface.

The online BLM mining site is always a good place to check for active claims & or patented ground. It is keep up to date by a week or two.
This 2 week entrty is not right. I did read it on the opening page of the site but then checking on the viwer it's self the last up date was 5/26/05.

PS > Added Info>
Olinghouse Mine (6)
Alta Gold Co.
1525 E. Newlands Dr. #1
Fernley, NV 89408
775-575-0583 Fax: 575-0617
Company employees: 135
Production (partial year):
Gold - 2,912 oz
Silver - 1,879 oz

This is from the 1998 Nevada mining report for a (partial year). But again it is considered "Hard Rock" not a placer.


The source is a book that takes estimations of old placer production values for various areas. If the material you saw was fairly recent it would not be accounted for in the book. Also, as Steve mentioned no hard rock sites are included in this particular book. As you probably know, most placer mines operated before or during the depression era. So, the statistics in the book, at least for placer sites, are supposed to be a pretty good ballpark figure. If you know of a hardrock area that has had material recently moved and exposed near the surface; I would think you may have an interesting and possibly profitable site that is not listed among the better known placer deposits.


Steve you are right on as far as the electrum in that aera. I found some thumb nail size pieces of rock that you could see the metal. When i crushed and melted them i come out with a 3/4 ounce button. I started with 1 1/2 ounces of pebbles. The rock's were found with a SD2200 and 8 inch mono minelab coil. This material look's more silver than gold so i think it is Electrum.

My ex bro-in-law, still a good friend, knew of some folks reprocessing some tails in that area and did quite well. Will have to get back up with him about where they were. Wyndham

Here is some pictures I took at 7 Troughs.

This is just to give an idea to someone who has not been there.

This is the old mill at the bottom on the SE side. The road going up is to the right.

This is up high looking back down on the canyon & east road.

This is looking to the NW & the top of the mountain.

This is looking to the south and the dirt road coming from Lovelock.

This is to the SE. The mountain range in the background are the hills on the east side of the Rye Patch reservoir.

Big vast chunks of USA, god I love it.

Dirty Steve:

Interesting photos: I have never been there as of yet.
I hope to one day.
A guy could spend a lot of time out there, and not see it all.
I am still working on seeing the Eugenes and the Antelope Range,
And haven't made much of a dent in those, in over 12 years of visiting those areas.

Geno from Reno

Dirty Steve,
Thanks for those pictures. It showed me that I missed 7 Troughs completey. Didn't realize there were still some structures there. I have been close but missed it. Not sure where I took a wrong turn at.Last time I was in the area, there were no signs anywhere.
There are so many roads out there, not sure which one to take. Got a map or directions ?
7 Troughs road is just past the Eagle Pitcher mine road. That much I do know. I'm going to have to research this more, seems I'm always on the high roads when out there and missed the canyon. Can ya help me out here?

Hope these Topo's help.

Starting in Lovelock, go to the street that the Safeway & the Courthouse in on. If you get off I 80 at the middle interchange, then just follow it until you run into the Courthouse. 1st street after you cross the main drag. Turn right. It goes out of town to the North 398.

About a mile out of town, 399 turns to the left, there is a 1/4 mile long row of cottonwoods that line the road at the turn.

It's about 12 or 13 miles to the gravel road that goes to the right. Its about the only road out there. It comes up right after you have hit the top of the ridge on the blacktop. The blacktop takes a sharp turn to the left. It might have a sign that Says Placerites.

On the second map it shows a 3 way split in the road. The first road to the right will take you to Placerites and beyond. The other 2 both basically head to 7 Troughs. If you end up at the old mill, there is a road to the east that meets the road going up into the canyon. You will see lots of flood debri from the flood.

There are several different roads up there, some are 4 wheel drive only. The main road did have one wash area that was narrow, but it might be fixed by now.

Hope this helps or if you have more questions just ask.
Nevada Gary

[quote="Dirty Steve"]

The online BLM mining site is always a good place to check for active claims & or patented ground. It is keep up to date by a week or two.

Are you talking about the LR200 or something else? Is it really that current?

thanks- Gary

Hi Gary,
I was going by what I saw on their site once.

But I did go back and check. This is from the site;

The PLSS data and the land & mineral use authorizations have been updated and new parcels added. A date has been added to the viewer for the last "published to GeoCommunicator" date. We are still working on some backlog but most cases from LR2000 are up-to-date as of two weeks from being entered into LR2000.

So as I read it again, I would guess, it is a current as of there last "Update" to the LR2000.

The part that caught my eye before is in green.

This is what it says by clicking on the top right corner of the map viewer under "Latest" Notice the blue line.

What's New!

December 2005

Summary of converted cases

% of cases from the LR2000 system in GeoCommunicator*

Mining Claim Data is current as of 5/26/05

Other Data is current as of 06/05

Name (Case Group) % of Authorized Cases (pending, authorized) % of Closed Cases
Mining Claims
57% 75%
Oil & Gas Agreements (Units, PAs, CA, etc.) 72% 69%
Oil & Gas Leases 66% 66%

Case That Affect Land Status % case from LR2000
General Management (0, 16, 17)
Public Administration Procedures (18) 35%
Land Resource Mgmt/Designated Areas (20) 32%
Acquisitions, Easements (21) 27%
Exchanges (22) 55%
Withdrawals (23) 33%
Land Classification (24) 28%
Dispositions- Occupancy and Use (25) 67%
Dispositions - grants (26) 57%
Dispositions - sales (27) 49%
Multiple Use Mining (37) 22%
Mineral Patentss (386) 4%

*Only a percent of the cases have been converted for each type. Data is continually being added on a quarterly basis. Cases are converted based on the type of case it is and the land survey type. The land Survey Type codes that are currently supported are:
A's (Aliqout part = 40 acres), B's (Aliqout part < 40), 9's (entire section), 3's (minor aliquots) L's (lots) and combinations. This list will be updated as more Survey Types are added. Click on Survey Types for a complete list of the codes.

Not all cases are be displayed. We aren't displaying all of the cases currently in LR2000 on this system because of one or more of the following reasons:

The land description on the case file is bad.
We don't have the survey-based land description from GCDB in this system to display the case.
The data has not been converted into the geodatabase format.
If we don't have a survey-based land description for a parcel of land then we can't display case data on that land. So there are some holes in the parcel display. To identify where we have holes look at the PLSS availability index in the Public Land Survey System. If we don't have the BLM PLSS to download then we can't display the parcel. We are working on getting the PLSS data and finding other solutions to display the cases.

No tribal data is displayed in GeoCommunicator.

I know I have seen claims that the 2006 assessments have been paid. I would still guess if a person wants to be real sure, then go to BLM & the county courthouse and double check.
Geno from Reno

Thanks again Dirty Steve,
I can't believe I missed it. I do remeber one place having a foundation at the base of a hill. I didn't bother stoping and went over the hill. The picture of the town, is that Vernon or 7 Troughs.

That's got me bothered now and am going to head back there as soon as I get the chance. But this time I'll be armed with my new detector.

I might have that marked wrong.

The picture is the old mill site but now I think it might be on the short road to the left as you go toward Mazuma on the east side.

Its been a while.
Geno from Reno

Dirty Steve,
That's what I was thinking. Because I've been going to the left and go by stonehouse then into Gerlach or come out near Pyrimid lake area. Now I know.
Where are you getting those great maps. Those are very helpful for planning trips. When do you plan on making another NV. trip ? Would like to meet ya and pick your brain some. And NO we wont run out of Beer!!!

This is the only picture I have of me in Jan 2004 the day we left for Quartzsite, AZ

damn near couldn't get out let alone hook up the RV trailer. But it was 80 when we hit Qtown.

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