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digger bob

Whites new gold detector - GMZ

Here's a bit more skinny on the new GMZ.

First, it's a silent search machine, no threshold available.
Second, no iron ID. All metal, all the time.
Third, 50 Kz, just like all the rest of the Goldmasters
Forth, yep, just three controls.

On/off and gain are the same control. Turn it up about half way to start.
Ground balance - set the loop on the ground and turn it up until it starts to chatter. Turn it down a bit until there is no sound from the ground. Adjust the gain again until it is smooth, no sound except from metal targets.
Toggle switch - Normal ground or Salt.
Standard 9x5 DD loop, same as the GMT.

I've played with it a bit in the yard, but not in the field yet. I used it to clean out all the metal trash from my test garden. Yes, it's sensitive to all those tiny bits of gold, just like the Goldmasters. I don't know yet how it responds to hot rocks or highly changing ground. The depth is comparable to the GMT. There is no V-Sat, auto tune, or boost. Just a simple, straightforward, lightweight, all metal detector.

History - About 8 years ago, Dan Geyer, Whites engineer, designed this little machine in his spare time for himself to use. He didn't think it would fit in Whites line, and at the time, neither did Whites. He used it to find a butt load of small gold at a still secret site in Northern Nevada. Several of us dealers tested it and liked it since it's much easier to learn and use than a GM. But Whites didn't think it would fly, due to the success of the GMT at the time. Since then there has been a "changing of the guard" at Whites, and it came off the shelf, literally. We played with it again and decided that there was a notch for it since it was priced well under the GMT and the TDI. It has only been out to dealers for about 3 weeks so it has not hit the mainstream yet. As such it's not on any official web sites yet either.

I have one in stock now and will see if I can post some pictures if anyone is interested. Oh yeah, the price is $479.95 I voted for $449.95 but was outvoted Sad

Digger Bob

I'd get one Bob, but I still have that old V-sat I got from you a couple of years ago, and it won't break!!! Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Hendo
Ridge Runner


Hey Digger
White's come out with the TDI and I think it's a easy detector to learn,even if people didn't like it at first but the ones that were willing to stay with it love it now.Now if they can't run the GMZ maybe it's time to packup and go home.This one may be a good backup detector if whatever your using goes south ,as in out.
I see Jimmy is back but he has yet to put the new Digger coil on his site.
 Chuck Anders

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