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Nevada gold nugget detector forum. Chat about prospecting Nevada, good areas to hunt Nevada gold, discuss the latest metal detector technology.
Rabbithole & Barrel Springs Area
Rabbit Hole & Barrel Springs Areaís

One thing about these two areas is that I do not see any active claims on the BLM site nor did I notice any claim markers, keep out signs etc. while I was in the area. If you do come across what appears to be a good claim marker, please dig elsewhere. If you had a claim, you would like to trust in your fellow man, Right.

Rabbit Hole is a funny little area that again I canít but wonder what caused the gold to be there. The actual digs at rabbit are located in a small area that looks to be just a gentle mostly flat out wash from the Kamma mountains to the Northeast from long ago. This is a desolate area and if you see one or two other vehicles out here itís a traffic jam.

I can see how the first gold was found. Water, there is a spring there and the Lassen - Applegate Emigrant trail to the west headed for it due to this fact. I have read where the wagon trains that stopped there did through out a lot of their trash and unneeded belongings, for you relic hunters. Some gravels where hauled there from Placerites & Rosebud to Rabbithole to be processed due to the water being there.

<<<Pic of sign>>>

The gold found in this area reportedly has a fineness of 895. It was first found around 1900 but not worked extensively until later. Gold was worked there mostly by dry washing starting 1916 and it gradually slowed down after the depression of the late 1930ís into the 40ís. The gold found was mostly in a nugget form from small ones to half ounce or so. This would lead me to believe it has not traveled very far and a slow walk with the old detector up the hill from here could be productive. The depth of the ground is reported to be from 2 feet to 12 feet. So the washes / ditches would be a prime candidate for some testing. There has to be many old dry wash tailing piles around hidden by brush or flattened by the rains.

<<<Pic of wild mustang leaving waterhole>>>

I did do a few sample pans and found gold. I camped near the sign on a flat rise just above the road near the sign picture and there was a worked area just to the East that ran down towards the road. I would like to say I detected a nugget, but I was full of the fever and wanted to get up close to Rosebud. Let me add here that this is one of my faults; I have the ďgrass is greener on the next hillĒ problem and I like getting up high so I can see the whole area. Plus being up near the top also makes for a great sunset view while you toss back a few cold ones. Another thing is that I was weaned into prospecting in the mountains of Colorado. Here most of the best remaining spots are up in the hills. I have noticed that in Nevada, most of the good spots are down low on the slopes or the outwash aprons. So I end up camping on the hill, then in the mornings during my coffee, I pick out a spot back down on the lower slopes or flats for my days hunt.

<<<Pic of area looking south>>>

At Barrel Springs there are a lot of signs from the people that lived there during the hard times. No work in the cityís, no money to support the family other than to scratch a few grams out of the earth for food and the basic necessityís. These where tough people just trying to survive and hard, hot, and in some cases dangerous work was the only way to do it. There are a lot of drift mining holes and tunnels at the N.E side of Barrel Springs and shoring material must have been at a premium.

<<<Pic looking SW>>>

I would warn now, as common sense prevails, these drifts are a real danger and should be observed from outside and not entered. The drifting was done on a false bedrock, in a compacted conglomerate of out wash from Rosebud Mountain. The ground is hard and tough to break out and prepare for processing in a dry washer as the fines do not break apart to release the gold. Little clods the size of your finger nail will just bounce and roll out he discharge end. Does it contain gold, yes, nice fairly flat pieces; it has moved a ways from the source or was just in narrow veins. I did not see a lot of fines maybe due to them still being lockup in the soil.

<<<Pic looking east>>>

There is an area here on the S.SW side that was worked by modern digging equipment and trommel. This area would be the better of the two for dry washing as gravity would help in breaking out the gravels to process from the banks. It also offered a lot of tailings pile and open ground to run a detector.

<<<Pic looking north>>>

The area to the North and NW of here can be accessed by a road that runs along the south side turning to the north. It will take you high up on the South flank of Rosebud where I took some of the pictures. There are prospect holes all over the place uphill from the ghost town of Barrel Springs. A person could spend many months checking this area with a detector, after all this is where the gold below originated from the many small veins.

<<<Pic looking NE>>>

So, if you happen to get into this area, give it a try. The ground and rocks are of the good looking type for a gold area. Again I would like to say that this is the boondocks. I was in this area for 3 days and saw one other vehicle. Bring plenty of water and then some more water. If in a real emergency on foot head due north to Sulphur, itís about 7 miles or so. There is a big mining operation there and the workers do use the Jungo road / SR 49 running east all the way to Winnemucca. Some traffic might be seen coming or going on the road that follows the old emigrants trail also during the early morning or late afternoon, it heads towards Rye Patch and or Imlay which is 20 miles plus away. Lovelock is over 45 miles away and during the hot season you would have to be real lucky to make it.

<<<TOPO of Area>>>

<<<TOPO closeup of area>>>

<<<A Google of area>>>

<<<A BLM claim shot showing no claims>>>

Well do you see any mineralized ground?
What a large area and a view to boot.


Rabbithole & Barrel Springs Area
Good stuff as always Everett.
Rabbithole & Barrel Springs Area
Wink Everett: good to see you are still kickin--hope you are having better luck wih those flats--thanks for the great post--HAMMER Grin
Rabbithole & Barrel Springs Area
I have had a couple of good experiences with flat tires. Which one do you refer to, where at? I'm just trying to place where we meet.

Do you pack a long handled Estwing rock hammer, a blond bombshell girlfriend, and like Jack Daniels with a water on the side???

Thanks Jonnyscotti,
I have a few more I plan to post reports on. With the price of gas and all now days I just think it will help prospectors to see what & where they are planning to go.
And as far as trying to hide the secrets I have, well, I can put you in an area of say 10 square miles and still feel fairly safe. It's out there, the clue's are in the pictures. Mr. Green
Rabbithole & Barrel Springs Area
Thank you Everett for the informative post. I spent a couple of weeks last fall in that very area. Unfortunately I didn't find much as I had very little information if any about hunting areas. So I really spent a large amount of my time just trying to famaliarise myself for future trips. Spent about a day and a half at Ryepatch and then moved into the area you have layed out in your post.

Spent the last week camped at Placeritas and wondered around from that point. Saw and hunted a lot of good looking ground but as I said I had no local knowledge of the area, so was probably way off base as to where I should have been hunting.

I will say I was blown away be the beauty of the area and can't wait to get back there. Again thank you for the informative post about that area.
Rabbithole & Barrel Springs Area
Thanks again for sharing. It is really appreciated.
Rabbithole & Barrel Springs Area
Thank Ya Everett for another informative post.I've been out there once with a couple of proffessional shooters a few years ago and spent half my time climbing to the nearest high sposts...looking for other digs not pounded as this is an ol habit of mine that I've kept from my peak bagging days thats given me an extra edge against those that are to fat & lazy to venture off thier quads(and thank Gawd for them types!lol).
From my understanding there is decent digs out there IF your into breaking your back at is very flat & desolate indeed and gives anyone a challenge thats used to finding color in steeper country.

"She's STILL out there waiting to be found" the weathers coolin off for us.
Beautiful, but unforgiving country
I have an acquaintance that broke down generally, in the Barrel Springs area, opted to walk in freezing weather, in NIGHTTIME, back east about 21 miles, until he was found near Imlay, luckily, by a sheriffs deputy, who had been alerted that the man was overdue returning to his motel from a prospecting outing, by his wife.

Nearly exhausted, he said that he wanted to stop to rest, but knew that he would freeze, if he did not keep walking.

If you do choose to enter this area, have the BEST tires on your rig you can afford, plus equally good spares, as Everett noted, not the cheapies that come on a new 4x4. I had another friend that had 3 flat tires on his new truck, then he ran out of tires to run on. I think fortunately, he had a cell phone, that he could call for help. He now does run GOOD tires on his truck.

Rabbithole & Barrel Springs Area
Everett: August 31,2005--Rye Patch Reservoir--you were coming out and had a blow out on the left rear.I was going in then remembered I had to go back to Reno for medication and came back and stopped next you and ask if you needed any water Etc. and you said you had it under control and if I stopped in the Pizza Place to tell steve you were on your way. Well steve bought me a beer and I returned the favor, then he bought, the I bought, then you called told him twenty minutes,he bought, I bougth, finally I told him I was going up to get you and he said he would take care of it and flew out of there like a bat out of hell. L bought you a beer and left it on Ice.. I was driving a White explorer with 'SEMPER FI'on the rear window Jan 1956 to Jan 1960 HAMMER
Rabbithole & Barrel Springs Area
Hi hammer,
I remember and thanks again for stopping. I thought maybe you where Steve. The next time I'm out there i will stop and have them dig out that beer.
Shep had just came out to RP and I wanted to go and have a beer with Steve before he left when this happened. He did come out and get me, I could not get the tire to hold air and my spare was flat also. He took me to Lovelock and I spent the night, then bought 2 used tires the next day. I was running Big O's and the only dealer was in Reno to get them replaced for free. Finally the next day I got back with Shep, then Grubstake and Allen came the day after that for the weekend.

After that weekend I thought I would be OK to do a little more prospecting in the area before going all the way to Reno. It couldn't happen again ,Right. yuh yuh

Well, I went up around the backside of Rosebud for 3 or 4 days, then I thought I would go to Sulpher then to Gerlach and Hwy 447 down to Reno. I had never been in this area and just wanted to look.

Well, the road between Sulpher & Gerlach is paved in vertical schist. I had a different Big O get a flat, I got out with a can of Fix-A-Flat, but the hole was big enough to stick the whole can in. So put the spare on, 5 mile later, POP, 2nd flat, one of the used ones, can't fix it, so break it down and put the 2nd used tire on, 3 more miles, 2nd used tire is going down, find the hole and plugged it. I made it to Gerlach, aired it up and had to re-fill it every 2 hours or so.

Make it to Reno, Saturday night 10pm, Big O is not open on Sundays hmm .
So I go into California and camp until Monday. Come back down to Reno and Big O replaced 3 of my tire's, the 4th one had been replaced about 4000 miles earlier, so now I had basically a new set of tires. I cant get out from under them. I will buy 4 new Michelin or Toyo 12 ply tires once these get a few more miles on them.

Hi Lektrikgold,
Your right about the tires, the Big O's I am running have never let me down in Colorado, I have had slow leaks in Arizona from cactus. But they are a 6 ply rating, with only 4 ply's. I will get 12 ply with a real 12 ply's next time.
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